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Product Application

Brand No. of Nano Transparent Iron Oxide Pigments

Color (Item) Water and Oil-Automotive paints/Wood coatings Water and Oil-Wood coatings
TRAFe® Transparent Iron Oxide Yellow BTY-101WH BTY-101W
TRAFe® Transparent Iron Oxide Red BTR-201WH BTR-201W
TRAFe® Transparent Iron Oxide Brown BTB-301WH BTB-301W

Brand No. of Transparent Iron Oxide color paste

Color(Item) Solvent-based color paste Water-based color paste
Transparent Iron Oxide Yellow color paste SB101A LSB101 CSE101W/CSB101W
Transparent Iron Oxide Red color paste SB201A LSB201 CSE201W/CSB201W
Transparent Iron Oxide Brown color paste SB301A LSB301/LSB301R CSE301W/CSE301RW
Transparent Black color paste SB401 LSB401/LSB401G CSE401W/CSE401GW/CSB401W
Transparent Blue color paste SB501/SB504 LSB501 CSE501W/CSE504W
Transparent Iron Oxide Green color paste SB601/SB602 LSB601 CSE601W/CSE602W
Transparent Medium Yellow color paste SB83 LSB83 CSE83W
Transparent Scarlet color paste SB318 LSB318 CSE318W
Transparent Violet red color paste SB19 LSB19 CSE19W
Transparent Pink SB146 LSB146 CSE146W
Transparent White color paste SB701A LSB706 CSE706W

1. Strong absorption of UV radiation
2. Excellent light and weather fastness
3. High transparency, bleed resistance, non-toxicity
4. Colors: red, yellow and brown; various colors -combined with other transparent organic pigments
5. Thermal stability: Transparent iron oxide yellow and brown: 160°C; Transparent Iron oxide red: 300°C.

Product Application

1. Automotive paints: Transparent iron oxide pigments are widely used in combination with aluminium or pearl pigments to produce golden effect in Oil-based and Water-based systems. In conjunction with more expensive transparent organic pigments, Transparent iron oxide pigments are used to make transparent paints of various colors.
2. Wood coatings: soft color, fadeless, applied in wood coating to protect wood from ultraviolet radiation.
3. Industrial Paints: applied over metal to produce gold or copper effects. They are widely applicable in can coatings: interior and exterior.
4. Printing Inks: vivid transparent colors, suitable for printing on aluminum foils.Dispersion is suitable for solvent based ink ,water based ink.
5. Artist Colors: colors can be kept for long periods of time
6. Plastic packing: used in PET or PP plastic to make beverage and drug bottles.
7. Cosmetics: applied in the cosmetics industry because of non-toxicity and strong absorption of ultraviolet radiation.
8. Powder coatings: for transparent iron oxide pigment, no change in color when the temperature is under 300°C for 5-20 minutes.

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