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Applications fields

Coating for autos: used with aluminum pigments and pearl powder in the oil-borne and water-borne systems to produce golden colors and used with organic transparent pigment to produce various transparent paints.

Coating or wood wares: soft color, no fading ,prevent ultraviolet radiation from damaging the wood.

Industrial coatings: coats on metal surface to produce gold or copper color, widely applicable for inner and outer coating cans.

Printing Inks: vivid transparent colors suitable for printing of aluminum foils.Dispersion is suitable for solvent based ink ,water based ink.

Decorative coating: color can be kept for long periods of time.

Plastic packing: used in PET or PP plastic to make beverage and drug bottles.

Cosmetics: widely applied in the cosmetics industry because it is toxin-free and has an excellent absorption capability to ultraviolet radiation.

Powder coatings: for transparent iron oxide pigment red, no change in color when the temperature is under 300ºC.

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