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Product Characteristics

Although nanometer transparent iron oxide is a kind of inorganic pigments in view of its synthetic and performance characteristics, it also owns properties of organic pigments. And transparent iron oxide belongs to nanometer crystals, because its particle size is much smaller, only 0.01-0.015μm, compared with opaque one. The small size of nanometer crystals gives transparent iron oxide large specific surface area(about 128m2/g), which results in its high oil absorption, (up to 80-100_, by comparison, phthalocyanine blue 56, phthalocyanine green 46, carbazole violet 84, opaque iron oxide 18. Since the particle diameter of transparent iron oxide is smaller than half light wavelength, it has transparent colors when scattered in the media and made into successive films. Moreover, due to its tiny particle diameter, nanometer transparent iron oxide is totally different from the opaque one in aspect of light absorption and scattering, thus it has vivid colors instead of dark colors performed by opaque iron oxide.

Product Characteristics:

1. Excellent absorption capacity t ultraviolet radiation.

2. Light fastness, weather fastness.

3。 High transparency, non-toxic, non-migratory。

4. Colors: red, yellow and brown; can be used in combination with organic transparent pigments.

5. Thermal stability: 160ºC for transparent yellow; 300ºC for transparent red and brown.

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